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Does the exterior of your home stand out in your neighborhood? Does it stand out like it needs to be painted? Central Kentucky Painting has been a painting contractor for the past 21 years in Lexington, KY. We are experts in exterior and interior painting. Our residential painters are skilled in painting ornate woodwork, and the siding of homes that are in need of freshening. We are specialists in removing paint that has deteriorated over time leaving bare spots, or paint that has cracked and formed ridges.

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residential painting contractorWe are proud to have numerous return and referred customers whose home we have transferred into a bright neighborhood show piece. Many of our jobs have involved the intricate work of sanding carved wood decor items, and spots of the house where the paint is peeling. When we sand a spot we always examine it carefully before painting it. Our operating practice as a painting contractor calls for excellent preparation of the surface to be painted. Otherwise, the paint will not adhere or will become blotchy looking. We use the best grade of exterior paint on the market to ensure long lasting beauty and protection of the wood.

Central Kentucky Painting of Lexington, KY is here to help you tackle any difficult jobs that you have planned, our painting services are affordable, reliable and we can get the job done quickly. Whether it’s an interior house painting job or an exterior one, painting can be a tedious, difficult and time consuming activity. Let us help you finish with it quickly.

Central Kentucky Painting understands that painting the inside or outside of a home can be a hassle to any homeowner, especially if you don’t have the proper materials and equipment to do the job right. This is why we are excited to help you paint your home or business, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Our professional residential painters have all the materials and equipment necessary to accomplish the largest of jobs or even the most detailed ones you may have. There are many benefits from hiring Central Kentucky Painting’s painting services. When you hire us you save yourself a lot of time from your busy schedule and do the job on a budget.

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Painting contractorCentral Kentucky Painting in Lexington, KY will paint wood trim on a brick or stone house with a special paint that is guaranteed not to run or streak on the other surfaces. Often, the wood on the underside of a soffit is damaged or cracked because of weather. We will sand this surface until it becomes smooth smooth and in the process we will look for any water that may have leaked on these boards causing the unsightly deterioration of the paint. Our painters will paint behind the eve troughs after we carefully remove them. If you by any chance want the eve troughs painted we have special paint for these as well.

If you noticed that the caulking around your windows and doors have either disappeared or cracked and water and cold air enters your home then you definitely need to look for a reputed painting company within Lexington, KY. If water comes in around your windows and drips down between your walls that will cause black mold. We will scrape off the old caulking and use a high grade exterior caulking to protect the interior from water entering at the windows and doors if you decide to go ahead and use our services.

In this business climate today, it is rare to find a painting contractor like Central Kentucky Painting of Lexington, KY that goes out of its way to make sure the client is satisfied. They completed our painting under budget and on time! Not to mention the result was fabulous. I would not hesitate to recommend them!!!

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If we find nail pops, then we will replace these nails with a slightly larger diameter shank so that it holds better. It is the policy of Central Kentucky Painting to be a detail oriented painting contractor and leave nothing that you wanted repaired or fixed left without our attention.
Your landscaping is also our concern while we are painting your exterior. We assure you it will be safeguarded from paint and painters. The walk ways will be protected in such way that you will not find a polka-dot anywhere. Central Kentucky Painting will review its work plan with you so that you are aware of what we will be doing every day and every hour. Contact us now and you will instantly get the best quote tailored around your budget. You can also read our blog articles and tips for more ideas about your home improvement.

Do-it-yourself programs promoted online and in TV commercials also can make painting a home seem effortlessResidential painter - Painting brush and easy. Deluded by those images many home owners believe that painting their house themselves will turn out to be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you happen to find yourself overworking while doing your own home painting job, don’t worry, Central Kentucky Painting is happy to help you finish painting your house. Hiring an expert interior painting company takes away any worries you may have about painting the inside or outside of your home. Our friendly and professional painters have many years of experience in all areas of commercial and residential painting. Our company uses the latest equipment, tools, materials and techniques on all our projects. Our experts are also available to assist you in recommending paint schemes and pointing out any areas of your home that may need to be remodeled or repaired prior to painting.

We have been painting homes and offices for years in the Lexington, KY area, and we will continue to strive to meet the expectations of every client, every time we attend a new property. If you need either a commercial building painted or your own home refreshed, then let Central Kentucky Painting help you. Please call our office at (859) 489-6576 and let one of our reputed painters come out to your location and give you an estimate. We look forward to being able to provide you with the best interior painting services in town at an affordable price.

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