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What Should You Know Before Start Painting Your Home?

You may think that painting a room is a piece of cake but if you are not well prepared you may create complete disaster. There are numerous things you should consider before and during the paining process. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use professional painting services so you can be sure the result will be outstanding. So if you want the best for your Lexington KY home, contact a painter!

Below you can find out which are the basic things you should know about the preparation and painting process. Always bare in mind that when a room is painted there should be plenty of ventilation and air circulation. In many cases an oscillating fan is used for additional circulation.

Removing Hardware

Get a professional painting service in Lexington KYBefore painting the walls, remove anything that hangs on the walls as well as all the hardware in the room. These are a handful of the items you may have to remove:

  • Receptacle plates and electrical switch plates
  • Phone jack covers
  • Cable TV outlets
  • Curtains
  • Art/pictures
  • Nails/screws
  • All decorations

In case you’ve decided to paint the ceiling along with the walls, remove all ceiling fixtures.

Protecting Immovable Items and Furniture

  • Remove the furniture that can be moved and store them in another part of your property where they won’t cause inconvenience for you or your family. Furniture that need to stay should be relocated away from the walls to the center of the room.
  • Once you’ve removed everything that can be moved, you should protect all areas that won’t be painted.
  • Use plastic sheets and painter’s tape to cover electrical switches and receptacles.
  • Cover the floor area as well as all of your furniture with drop cloths.

Repairing Walls

A new coat of paint should be applied to a hole-free, clean surface. If you’re painting over a pre-painted wall, make sure there is no flaking or loose paint. If your house was built before 1978, you may have lead paint on the interior walls. All imperfections and holes in the wall should be fixed. Wear a dust mask when sanding.

Cleaning and Taping the Walls

Once everything in the room is covered or removed, it is time to wash the walls in order to remove dust, dirt and other substances. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

1. Wash the walls from the bottom up.
2. Rinse the walls with water and a sponge.
3. Let the walls get dry before taping.
4. Protect your window sills with painter’s tape.
5. Apply the tape in a straight line along the top of the base molding and along the bottom of the crown. Make sure the lines are smooth and level.

Suggested Painting Order

When you complete all the steps of preparing the walls – they are repaired, cleaned, taped and primed, it is time for the actual painting. It is always best to choose a high quality paint. Choosing the right interior paint is essential. A professional painter can be of great help since he has the experience and expertise to provide you with an effective solution and make sure you will love the result.

The order in which a room is painted should be top to bottom. Start from the ceiling then continue with the walls, windows and doors.

When you contact a professional painting service such a Central Kentucky Painting of Lexington KY you can be sure that the job will be done in impeccable manner to your complete satisfaction. Don’t hesitate and give a call to the experts at Central Kentucky Painting at (859) 489-6576.