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Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor?

Is it time to paint your Lexington KY home? Are you thinking of hiring a painting contractor, or do you still consider the possibility of doing your residential painting job yourself? There are many benefits of using the services of a professional painter.

  • decoratingAlthough professional painting will be initially costlier than a DIY project, in the long run it will turn out to be the cheaper of the two options. The expert painter is just going to do it better than you can, thus saving you money on repair costs. They understand that different techniques are required for the different surfaces. This ensures a superior looking completed project. Everybody thinks they can paint. The reality, though, is that painting is not that easy, if you want to achieve aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration, and many procedures to be completed in order to achieve an even coat (or coats) of paint, with the right color, and that won’t chip or peel in a couple of weeks. The expert has the skills and qualifications that most people lack.
  • A professional painter knows exactly what paints, brushes and rollers to use depending on the types of walls, environmental conditions and other factors. The specialists know the products that are offered in the market, their proper application as well as function.
  • A good painter is usually employed by a reputable painting company. The professional company has:
  • a wide experience and references to compare and contrast
  • the experienced painter has knowledge accumulated from the painting of residential homes, renovated homes, individual rooms, commercial offices, outdoor buildings, new commercial units, etc.
  • A good painting company will save you one of the most valued resources on earth – time. A successful painting project takes a lot of time and preparation. In addition, it takes a lot of effort too. Usually, people who start doing the painting job by themselves, end up calling professionals to complete the project. For professionals, it is easier to organize their working process and to complete the job faster than you can. They work quickly, and they don’t leave a mess behind themselves, as they protect your furniture and floor with drop sheets. They also tape your skirting right first time, and in this way save you a lot of work.
  • A professional licensed painter that is trained by a respectable company can cope with the stress and challenges that go together with any painting project. They cannot be easily daunted or exasperated, no matter how large or challenging the project is.
  • They are familiar with the safety procedures and precautions. If a house has lead based paint, this may pose health risks, and the professional has the knowledge to deal with these situations. Also, adders and scaffolds may be required to reach some surfaces. For you, there is the danger of falling, while the professional is experienced enough not to allow such thing to happen.

The painting of your Lexington KY is particularly easy for a well-established painting contractor like Central Kentucky Painting. Whenever you need a residential painting job done call us at (859) 489-6576.