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The Quality Painting Service in Lexington, KY You Deserve!

You are not just a second option! Here at Central Kentucky Painting, you are a VIP! Experience our first-class quality painting service, and enjoy a treatment like no other. We value your trust and interests. Our services are widely available in Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas. You can take a look at our portfolio to have an idea of what we can do to your property.

Services We Offer

Residential Painting

Residential Painting
Make your home more appealing with our residential painting services. We paint interiors and exteriors, including sidings, decks, wooden railings, and many more! Consult us first before buying your paints so that we can recommend the best products that are compatible with the material.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting
Central Kentucky Painting is a painting contractor that also works for commercial property owners. We have enough manpower and cutting-edge tools! We are highly capable of repainting large buildings. If you don't have a painter yet for your new building construction, we're a company you can trust.  

Roof Painting

Roof Painting
Don't take the risks. Allow us to paint your roofs for you. Painting roofs can be very challenging, especially if you're not familiar with walking on the material. Aside from the accidents, you may also damage your roofing in the process. Avoid the worst-case scenario by calling us today.

Enjoy the Professional Experience

We know just how much this project means to you. Let our painting contractor protects your investment and leads you to the desired output! We can provide neat and sustainable results within the promised time frame. Enjoy aesthetic and low-maintenance works minus the redoes. We can’t wait to transform your properties.

We’re confident that our residential painting service and other solutions can exceed expectations. We have the necessary tools for the painting and fine techniques that will add deepness to your precious property. Allow us to showcase our skills and create a home you can be proud of more.

Consult Us Today! 

Our residential painter would love to know more about the project. So, please don’t hesitate. Reach us now so we can give you better recommendations and a good quote. Book an appointment so that we can perform a site inspection and see the condition of the target structure. We’re here to give you honest work. We always believe that by providing excellent service, we create positive and long-term relationships with our clients. This is our motto and one of our secrets to success.

We never cut corners in painting. We interact with the material, pay attention to the environment, and look at the output from the perspectives of our client’s target audience. We don’t just paint but create a masterpiece.  We want to look back and maybe pass by to one of our client’s houses telling ourselves, we made that happen!

Painting Service by Central Kentucky Painting

Central Kentucky Painting is a company to call if you are looking for an impeccable house painting service. Learn more about our services in Lexington, KY by giving us a call today!


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I don't usually write reviews but I can't thank you enough. You did a great job in my office. I never had any complaints about your performance. You are an efficient and very professional painting contractor. Please keep it up! I will highly recommend your service. You know your stuff very well. 

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Central Kentucky Painting
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