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About Our Painting Contractor

Central Kentucky Painting is a painting contractor that started in 2013. Since then, it has painted over hundreds of properties, both in commercial and residential areas in Lexington, KY. We take great pride in our work and experience. Let us serve you with honesty and passion. You won’t regret choosing us as part of your journey to property improvements!

Residential Painter by Central Kentucky Painting

What Makes Us a Competitive Choice?

Central Kentucky Painting is a residential painter that works with integrity and with the client’s best interests in mind. By loving our work and by valuing our reputation through our outputs, we continue to satisfy our regular and new clients. We promise a good experience. With that and our affordable services, assure that you will never regret it having our service.

Why You Should Choose Us

We got limited discounts so enjoy it while it lasts. We’ll happily accommodate you. Our company has cutting-edge tools, and we’re always updated with the latest techniques, including the trends in the painting industry. We have the necessary backgrounds for construction so in case you need patching or minor repairs for the target structure before we can paint it, we can work for the job. Find out what we can do by giving our residential painter a call today. Book an appointment to get the schedule you desire.

Are you looking for an impeccable painting contractor in Lexington, KY? Call us today at (859) 489-6576!


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