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How to Choose a Color for Your Walls

How to Choose a Color for Your Walls  

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Deciding the color of a room can be a hard choice. In this blog post, we will make the choice easier by giving you some tips on how to choose the right color and how to use the color wheel. This is one of the hardest decisions homeowners have to make, because the painting company can only give professional advice but never choose for you.

First you need to learn how to use the color wheel. The colors on one side of the wheels are cool and the ones on the other side are warm, usually complementary colors are used in the kid’s room or in the bathroom. At the same time, colors located next to each other are related colors – they give a monochromatic look which is usually boring, so you better avoid mixing them.

If you are painting a dark room, one that doesn’t get much natural light, then you should use a lighter color unless you want to add drama and elegance to the room. If the room you want to paint is light, with a lot of natural light, you can paint it in almost any color. Make sure the furniture and decoration matches the wall’s color. Ask your painting company for professional color recommendations and they will help you a lot.

Always test the color on the wall, those little color chips you can get at the paint store are certainly not enough. Spend a little money to buy a quart of the color, get your painting company to test it on a swatch of the wall and see how it looks during different times of day.

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