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How to Make the Most of a Painting Service

If You Start Right, You End Right

It is crucial to prepare the walls before beginning any painting work. This includes cleaning, sanding, or wiping off the walls you intend to paint. This is significant since omitting it could have a significant impact on how the painting turns out. Painting service experts point out the following details on efficient wall preparation.

It is necessary to clean the walls. Cleaning the walls before painting is necessary. If this step is missed, mildew on the walls may get trapped in the paint but continue to grow through it, damaging the freshly painted wall. On top of that, filth and dust that have not been cleaned can cause the paint to not stick or adhere to the walls effectively. The paint would begin to peel, bubble, or crack as a result.

Wait a couple of hours after wall washing. Prior to starting the painting process, give the walls one or two hours to dry after all the wet wiping and washing. However, if the weather is more humid, it can take longer, so this period might not be long enough. You can let it dry overnight instead before painting.

It is okay to paint over old paint. In general, old paint can be painted over. First and foremost, the wall must be in good condition and not need any repair. Second, use paint with the same chemical composition or kind over older paint, such as applying new latex paint over older latex paint. Last but not least, you might need to choose a deeper shade than the one you previously used because the old paint might stain through. Before applying the new paint, primer should be used.

Ask if the painting company includes this step in its overall service. For painting needs in Lexington, KY, call Central Kentucky Painting. We provide excellent painting services in town. Call us at (859) 489-6576 to get a free quote.

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