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The most recent season may be over, but the negative effects of its dreary and dull weather have been left on the exterior walls of your home. House painting is one of the most vital and beneficial home maintenance projects you can do.

Keeping up with your house painting needs and caulking significantly helps protect your Lexington, KY home from weather damage caused by extreme exposure to water and sun. Neglecting peeling exterior wall paint could eventually lead to high siding replacement costs in the future. The condition of your home’s exterior paint can also help determine a home’s value. If the painting of your home’s exterior walls reflects a high level of care, a person planning to buy a home can be more confident that other areas of your house have been given the same kind of careful attention.

There are many things to consider and many decisions that need to be made when undergoing a major house painting project. The home painters at Central Kentucky Painting have provided exterior painting service for thousands of homes and helped customers make the big decisions about exterior paint color.

Our expert and professional painters help our most trusted clients select the right exterior paint color by teaching them about different color combinations, how colors reflect styles, and how to make a house look distinctive and fit in its surroundings.

Our experts will begin the quality home painting service by prepping the house. We usually start our house painting project with a good, clean power wash, which can effectively remove loose paint, helps to provide better adhesion, and applies an initiatory prime coat to any raw wood. Depending on the customer’s preference, caulking could be next and is usually done for all wood siding and wood trim, and a special kind of patch for stucco. The last part of the preparation process is completely covering all surfaces that shouldn’t receive paint, as well as covering the perimeter of the home with drop cloths or shields.

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